PEGGY CHOY DANCE premiered FLIGHT at Brooklyn’s Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts in January 2017—a ground-breaking dance allegory about the world’s birds that take a dangerous journey in search of the Rose of Sublime Love, climaxing with flight up the world’s tallest mountain with a surprising end. FLIGHT is our fresh 21st century take on the 12th century Persian poem Conference of the Birds by the great sufi poet Farid Ud-Din Attar, performed by world-class dancers fusing martial arts and urban vernacular dance.


Kumble Theater has invited PEGGY
CHOY DANCE to return with FLIGHT in 2019 because of its message and excellent quality. We also want to tour FLIGHT nationally. Help bring Peggy Choy Dance 
to your city! 


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Photo of Ai Ikeda by Fero Sandoval